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Arch Copywriting is a part of and derives its values from Avestia Corp.
Quality is evident in everything we do at Avestia. Quality is central to our commitment to serve you. For us, quality is a value – a way of life, both personal and professional life. We incorporate quality in the smallest & simplest of tasks. Our work simply inherits and expresses our quality-consciousness. To us, quality is as natural as the blossoming of a plant, nothing artificial. As a client, what you receive is therefore an expression of quality. Sounds philosophical. Perhaps. But surely, at Avestia, Quality is the philosophy of day-to-day work and life.

At Avestia, we take pride in being ourselves. This means what we deliver must reflect us. And there is only one approach to achieve this. That approach is to be creative. Our creative deliverables translate into a sense of satisfaction for us as well as for our clients for whom we are into this creative endeavor of content generation. Our creativity is the very source of all the content that we provide. Being creative for us is synonymous to being ourselves. There is also an advantage in being creative: It reinforces our self-belief in our ability to provide quality content. In a way, we thank ourselves for being creative.

Timely delivery was once a virtue, a should-have feature, something desirable. In today’s business environment, it stands as a basic prerequisite, a must-have characteristic, of the modern business. At Avestia, timely delivery represents a highly respected norm that is never to be violated. Every new assignment that comes in is scheduled to meet the client deadline. The diligence exerted to meet deadlines is paid off with every single assignment that is delivered to the client. Timely delivery is, and will remain, an integral aspect of our services to you.

We all have a sense that immediately tells us whether or not we have received the kind of service we expected. Besides this, we also have another sense: a sense of service. It is this sense that tells us what would make a good service, should we be the service providers. And then, we have a choice: Shall we follow this sense. At Avestia, we take our command from the sense of service. From your first-time contact and first assignment with us, good service would be a recurring experience. Through our work, we survive; through service, we grow.

Nothing succeeds like success. At Avestia, our drive to provide you quality service is sustained by our expertise to do so. Our expertise is the very core of our ability to provide quality content and spans across diverse sectors: Medicine, Pharmacy, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Humanity, Psychology, Sociology, Engineering, IT, Law, Business, Journalism, Education, and more. The content is created by highly qualified & vastly experienced professionals from the field who keep abreast of the latest developments & breakthroughs. So, we thrive on diligence, ably supported by our expertise.

Our integrity derives from our steadfast belief in and following all our values: Quality, Creativity, Delivery, Service, Expertise, and Originality. Without integrity, we cannot function as a consistent organization. We owe our sound functioning to integrity. It is integrity that has imparted us stability and success. In all our actions, we are guided to right choices by integrity. We are committed to keep the trust of our associates and clients. We follow all the ethical practices of business and do not divulge client details to anyone.

We are an organization wherein creativity is valued. Inspired by our own urge to be creative, what we deliver our clients is always original work. Born through diligence and expertise is the content that you receive from us. Our originality flows to you as unique content that serves your needs. And in the domain that we function, being creative is a way to flourish and stand apart. It is also the demand of integrity. Moreover, the satisfaction that comes from a sense of having delivered original content is an immense pleasure in itself.
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- Michael Taylor, USA
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